Pensar Wound Pro


Pensar WoundProThe WoundPro employs state of the art electronics and an instrument panel that is easy to operate and understand. Its sleek and lightweight design also makes it very portable and can be placed in a variety of locations while providing safe and reliable operation.  

Provides Continuous, Intermittent or Variable Intermittent therapies.

The kits are hydrophobic, Medical Grade Foam meets all applicable standards for quality, cleanliness, specifications and tolerances. Tested and passed for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity. Offers a pore size that is most advantageous for this therapy. Allows for effective removal of exudate while providing excellent tensile strength. Virtually eliminates the chance of flaking and leaving particulate matter in the wound bed. Non-absorbent allowing exudate to pass through for collection in the canister and away from the wound site. 

- 0- 200mmHg

- 8 LPM pump provides maximum drainage at lower pressure (less discomfort) when needed.

- Reaches higher pressure faster and quieter than other pumps.

- 300cc or 800cc canisters.

- Easy to understand controls.

- Full array of safety alarms, Low Pressure, Suction Line Blocked, Vacuum Leak, Canister Full and Low Battery.

- Carrying Case with shoulder strap.


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